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Here's why thousands of women were furious when this 🐱 soap sold out for three months.

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✅Support Natural pH Balance

This soap is naturally formulated to support your body’s natural pH balance, crucial for maintaining a healthy vaginal environment. When pH levels are disrupted, it can lead to discomfort, itching, and even infections.

This soap helps keep your pH in check, reducing the risk of such issues and allowing you to feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

✅Fight Odors & Bacteria

Includes herbs that work actively to combat unwanted odors and harmful bacteria in the intimate area.

Keeping these factors in check helps you maintain a pleasant and odor-free experience, ensuring you feel clean and self-assured in any situation.

Worth the wait. I waited so long on my order, and I was kinda mad cause I’m impatient. But if you have strong B.O (everywhere) this soap is the truth !! I stand by this product . It was worth the wait . Be patient, for the soap .❤️

Michelle Herbert. verified Customer

✅Improves Wetness & Pleasure

It contains ingredients that can enhance natural moisture levels, making intimate moments more comfortable and enjoyable.

This added wetness can contribute to increased pleasure and overall satisfaction during intimacy, promoting a positive and fulfilling experience.

✅Calms & Relaxes your kitty

Apart from its cleansing properties, this soap is designed to provide a soothing and calming effect. The gentle, natural ingredients help relax the intimate area, reducing tension and discomfort.

This not only supports physical comfort but also contributes to emotional well-being and relaxation

"I don't know! After I got out of the shower, my body felt so relaxed. I've never felt this before but I will use it a few more times to be 100% sure"

-Reley. Verified Customer

✅100% Natural. Zero Toxins or Parabens. fragrance free and sensitive skin friendly

Made with harmful chemicals like parabens and toxins that can cause irritations.

The all-natural composition minimizes the risk of adverse reactions or allergies, making it a safe and gentle choice for intimate care. You can use it confidently, knowing it prioritizes your health and well-being.

100% Vegan

Hand-made in texas

Satisfaction Guaranteed


what are other ladies saying?

"Had a great night with my boyfriend."

"Had a great night with my boyfriend. Definitely had me more sensitive and moisturized down there. I'm trying to type PG in the comments but you get my drift. I'm ordering some more this weekend"

"It’s a miracle + No harsh side effects"

"I used this soap on a cold sore down below, It’s a miracle. No harsh side effects like the Lysine I take. I was thrilled to find it here. Looking forward to more products from AfrikanSkincare."
-K G.

"Love how it made me feel"

"After a week, I can see the difference this bar has made to my area. It lathers so easily and smells lovely. Love how it made me feel once I got out of the shower."

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No harm in doing so, but we recommend these for your lady bits. We have other best selling body care products you can try.

To us, natural means 100% plant-derived, with no artificial ingredients. we avoided more than 1,300 potentially harmful chemicals used by other brands.

Our products are vegan (no animal by-products) and Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free (no animal testing).

You will be refreshed, hydrated and experience improved wetness

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It was made with sensitive skin in mind!

100% natural, fragrance free, purely hand crafted and infused in herbs and antibacterial ingredients.

We are a black-owned Skincare brand based in Texas, USA.